Bernier Farms

Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys

About The Berniers

The Bernier family (Yael, Zureal and Paul Bernier) work farmland in Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley.

Yael Bernier (left) with husband Paul Bernier (right) and their son, Zureal

Paul Bernier was raised in the suburbs south of San Francisco and came to Dry Creek Valley in the early 70’s to work as a farm hand in a prune orchard. He worked during the transition from tree crops to grapes in the Dry Creek Valley.  In 1976, he started farming on his own by sharecropping small pieces of land.

Paul’s mechanical talent allows the farm to do very well with old equipment that he adapts or refurbishes. His most interesting and innovative creation is the compost turner he built for their composting operation that supplies the needs of their land.

Click here to watch a video of Paul operating his compost turner.

Yael Bernier moved to Sonoma County in the 60’s, bought a goat, and started farming. At that time, her Italian Swiss neighbor, Mrs. Lucchini, gave Yael some Northern Italian Red garlic seed. After more than 35 years of garlic farming, Yael now grows 14 different varieties of garlic.

The Dry Creek Valley farm is home to many animals including these two farm mascots.


Zureal Bernier was born and raised on the home ranch and grew up dividing his time between surfing, skateboarding, school, and working in the fields. He went on to earn a degree in agriculture from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo. After college, Zureal worked in fruit crops on a Cal Poly farm and later in row crops for a Sonoma County organic vegetable grower.  Later, he worked for a couple of years farming on his own before joining the family farm. Zureal and his wife, Anna, now live on the home farm in Geyserville.