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Garlic Seed



If you live locally and would like to avoid shipping costs, please contact Yael about picking up a garlic order at the farm.

Asian Tempest   

One bite into a raw clove of this fiery hot garlic from South Korea makes your hair stand up. When cooked the flavor is pleasantly strong and comes through in the spiciest of sauces. This garlic matures early. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.

Chesnok Red      

Chesnok has an assertive flavor and large cloves that hold their shape well when baked. Use this garlic for aioli (garlic mayonnaise). This variety grows well in damp winter and spring weather because of its late maturity. Price per unit is $20.00/pound. 

China Stripe   

This Artichoke Turban variety of garlic is the first of our garlic to harvest and is generally quite mild.  Its flavor is rich and spicy without the heat of so many garlic varieties. It was brought from a Beijing market to North America. We love the delicate purple stripes on the bulb. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.

German Porcelain   

Satiny white cloves that are easy to peel. The flavor is outstanding with a rich strong bit of heat that is not overpowering. German Porcelain is a good keeper. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.

inchelium_redInchelium Red

Hailing from the Coleville Indian Reservation in Coleville, Washington.     Inchelium is a National Taste Test Winner with a hint of spice though quite mild and enjoyable to eat. Large cloves roasted and mashed with potatoes is a family favorite. This garlic is one of the endangered foods placed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.


Italian Red Rocambole  

Rocamboles are considered to be the best tasting of all garlic varieties. The Italian Red Rocamble has a thin skin covering the cloves, making it easy to peel. The flavor is rich and complex and lends itself to being used either raw or cooked. The Italian Red Rocambole is seldom harsh tasting and caramelizes well because of the high sugar content. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.


Native Creole  

A Creole variety with a high sugar content and a rich flavor. It has bright-colored evenly sized cloves around its central hard stem. It is one of the Creole varieties that were cultivated in Spain and spread throughout Europe by the conquistadores. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.

Northern Italian Red

Northern Italian Red has a sweet / spicy balance. The clove size is generally large and as a softneck variety, is ideal for braiding. In 1974,  Yael’s neighbor gave her 10 heads of this garlic to grow. The seed was from northern Italy.   The garlic seed that is available is  from the original heads given to Yael in 1974. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.

Romanian Red

Garlic originally from Romania. It has a strong bite and a spicy rich taste. Many people use the Romanian Red in BBQ sauces and marinades because of the excellent rich flavor raw or cooked. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.

Rose du Lautrec 

Rose is a French Creole variety with complex flavor that adds depth to dishes where only a small amount of garlic is required. It is pungent and sweet, and is commonly used in France in the Soup-a-l-ail-Rose du Lautrec. Ooh la la! Price per unit is $24.00/pound.


This variety is rich in flavor. Eaten raw, it packs a nice punch and cooked it delivers a mellow richness. Siberian is known to have a high allicin content which supports normal cholesterol levels, boosts the immune system and enhances circulation. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.


Spanish Benitee     

This Creole variety originally came from the Andalusia district of Spain. It is delicious and rich, and it is easy to eat raw because of its mild nature.  Rather than a hot taste, it has a warmth that is pleasant and easy on the palate. It grows best in warm winter climates. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.

spanish_rojaSpanish Roja 

The flavor of the Spanish Roja variety is spicy rich and it lingers pleasantly in your mouth. Spicy when raw; mellow when cooked; creamy rich when roasted. Price per unit is $20.00/pound.